April 8th, 2019

Thank you to First Colony Aquatic and Rehabilitation Center and especially to Megan and Randy who have helped me a lot when I first came. I suffered an amputation below my right knee and I was in a wheelchair. I started therapy to be able to walk again with a prosthetic leg. They helped me from the beginning, giving me confidence to go on. It was very difficult for me to stop using the wheelchair because what was left from my leg and knee was hurting too much, but with PT and the help from FCAR team, I was able to make progress. Now I have started to walk and I have less pain on my leg and I feel more secure within myself.

Direct AccessTexans No Longer Need a Referral to be Treated by a Physical Therapist! 

Did you know that as of September 1st you are not required to see your primary physician before seeing a physical therapist? We are now able to evaluate you, determine if you need physical therapy, and implement a treatment program… ALL without a referral!

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