April 8th, 2019

Since I got hurt on my right shoulder, and went through the surgery in 2009 performed by a local orthopedic doctor. He referred me to see the physical therapist in the same building. Without knowing the ins and outs for what to look for, I went through the therapy for about three months but came out with very little results.Again, my right shoulder was operated on in 2011 by another well-known Dr. Bradley Edwards in Houston and he referred me to see First Colony Aquatic & Rehabilitation Center in Sugar Land. Before joined the facility, I wanted to be sure if they were equipped with the proper equipment, if it was a healthy environment, with well-qualified and trained personnel. I am very luck and fortunate to have joined this facility. Now, with personal care by the therapist I am bringing my life back to normal.My shoulder is getter better and better each day. I am able to lift more than I was capable of lifting in a very short period of time. This is all due to personal attention and staying committed to the physical exercises and therapy. Last week, I went to visit Dr. Edwards for a checkup and he was very pleased to see my progress in a short period of time.