Mrs. W.C.

April 8th, 2019

When I started PT, I was very skeptical.

I knew I needed to do something for my back, neck, shoulders, and knee. Shoulder and neck pain were chronic and I thought I had to live with that pain.

I hurt my back on a trip handling my luggage, so bad that I could hardly walk. I am not a complainer and can take a lot but that was more than I could handle.

My orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Parr prescribed P.T. for my shoulders, neck and also to help strengthen my knee as I need a partial knee replacement. Dr. Myers’s assistant said I need PT to help me with my back. I was skeptical as my back pain was so great and could not see how PT could possibly help me. When starting at the First Colony Aquatic Rehabilitation Center, I was impressed with Sean as he came across that he liked his job and knows what he is talking about.

When I explained to him how I have trouble laying straight on my back and my shoulder issues. He said, I can help you and HE DID. At that moment I was a true believer.

I felt comfortable speaking with Sean and told him I desperately need to lose weight. I was afraid to use a personal trainer at a gym as I did not want to aggravate the problems I have and make it worse with the wrong exercise. He said they can help. Once again, I was so impressed and thankful.I started the Metabolic and Cardiac Health program. I am still in the middle of it but boy do I already see a tremendous improvement. I already lost inches but more importantly I feel so much better physically. Every exercise is geared towards my needs and it is a workout. I am so happy to do it as it is helping me so much. My chronic pain in the neck and shoulder is almost totally gone. That in itself is like a miracle to me.What I also like a lot, working with a professional dietitian in addition to my exercises. I did not get a diet plan like you get doing all the different diets that are offered and I have probably done most of them. Eat a grapefruit or eat this and that…No, this one is not like it. I sent Dr. Behrens, a registred dietitian my plan of what I ate and she works with me on quantity and quality of food based on my personal eating habits. I am German and yes, I still eat like a German and I cook a lot of German food. I love working with Dr. Behrens as I feel she understands me and my German eating habits.I LOVE working out at the First Colony Aquatic Rehabilitation Center as everyone makes me feel so welcome.

Bottom line and this comes from the heart as I am not very good in expressing my feelings:

I am so grateful to Sean and his team, what a difference they have made in my life. I feel so much better; so much less pain and yes, the fewer inches is fantastic. Still more ahead of exercising and learning to eat right. So excited and looking forward to see the real me again (that is the one with less weight, less or no pain).

Thank you and Dankeschoen to Sean, Randy and his excellent team.

Thank you also for making me feel so welcome every time I come in.